FJMovieEditor PrĂ©-Alpha
A GTK video editor for GNOME. Designed for Artists to do, special effects, compositing and animation.

FJMovieEditor, complete reference

The advantage of this video editor in relation to other open source editors, is full support for key frames, and allows a great level of interaction with the User. This video editor, is centered in a few limitations, when, rather than be user friend. Its development is extremely complex, simply by the level of resources that will offer. Therefore, the work done so far, is not for the GUI, and yes, the base, to support these features. The purpose of this document is to explain more fully and clearly as possible, all the files, functions, structures, etc., contained in FJMovieEditor. You are here, also find it, things that you can embed anywhere you like.

Fabio J. Gonzalez
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